Sunday, 28 August 2011

Heart of the Valley - Prelude

Kispiox Valley is a community with heart!  Not only do we live in the most beautiful place in the world, we have the greatest people.  Where else can you go to the community hall with blankets, a bag of your own popcorn and pillows to sprawl about on the floor to watch a movie with dozens of friends and neighbours?  I would like to add that the movie is preceded by a gourmet meal prepared by a local volunteer chef and food donated by the local farmers and residents.  The Prime Minister would be lucky to be served such a meal.
There's also the other random events like the Holly Artzen and Kevin Wright concert that was complimented by more donated food in the order of chocolate delights that came in all sorts of arrangements including a chocolate fountain.  Where else in the world can you go where Rachelle vanZanten and Roy Henry Vickers happen to be in the audience and jump on stage to jam for a few songs?  It's a little piece of heaven and I don't mean the chocolate cake.

As the 2011 steelhead fishing season is newly upon us, I am already anxiously awaiting its end when residents will again have time on their hands to attend community events.  There is one event, however, that will be certain to sell out right smack dab in the middle of the fishing season.  Impossible you might think but this very event sold out last year.  The 2nd annual Heart of the Valley Fundraiser is sure to pack the house with people seeking exquisite food, heart-felt & compelling presentations by a person of local fame, fine wine and an opportunity to bid on items in a fundraising auction with the world champion auctioneer himself, Keith Dinwoodie.  Last year, this little valley of gumboots, flat tires and plaid earned $20,000 for the community association to pay off our community hall renovation with such an event.

If you want to be a part of a community with a heart so big it starts to bulge into Smithers and Terrace then I strongly suggest you be a volunteer for this fundraiser.  The first meeting will be September 7th, 7pm at the Kispiox Valley Community Hall.

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